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  1. Congratulations, Ben!

    Out of this draft it will be interesting to compare the development of the DBs drafted by the Cowboys to the development of the DBs drafted by the Seahawks. McClay has done well in his first three drafts, so I am hopeful the Cowboys will come out better than the Seahawks. For whatever reason what the Cowboys are doing for the draft seems to be working. Fingers crossed that it continues.

  2. Ben congrats on the honeymoon. I trust you were wise and married an LSU Golden Girl. If so your life will be a happy one. Does she like football or is she like my wife ? Football at my house means nap time for the wife. There are some advantages to this dynamic.

    “They know more than we do”. McClay has helped change this perception. For a long period of time I GUARANTEE you that you and I could have drafted better players. We would have built the team differently than the owner and his son. Even now, I don’t think Jerry and Stephen are capable of building a team without McClay. But money can buy you position and Jerry bought he and Stephen the best seats in the house.

    You know my feelings about Taco. Ellis/Tolbert is his ceiling but not the alpha dog this d desperately needs. Switzer is in line with what Dak does best. Woods is a desperate need. As in we need him to take over at safety in the worst way. Awuzie should start. Neither cb is big. Lewis will have to learn the fine art of not getting called for pass interference.

    The 2017 draft for me will go down as one of the strangest drafts ever. The offensive players at the top of the draft. The best defensive lineman falling to the Skins. The Dallas Cowboys dictated the Skins draft and the Skins took the challenge head on. Dalvin Cook in the second round. Joe Mixon in the second round. The selection of Mixon proves once again the NFL ain’t playing church. It’s a ‘ just win baby’ , league. The Eagles got the guy I wanted most at de. I hear most say that he had a very paltry combine. Terrell Suggs says hello. Tyron , I’m looking at you.

    • Thanks Mensa…she is not an LSU girl, nor is she an any type of football fan, except for the Cowboys and even then she’d rather be doing something else. Which, as you mention, is a nice perk!

      I agree tho, I don’t see the ‘war daddy’ that Jerry wanted in Taco, but perhaps we are wrong and I’m willing to give him time. Besides, there are very few alpha dogs around at pick 28. If he’s Greg Ellis it’s cool, a perennial 8-10 sack guy who plays the run will be a welcomed addition to this front and the star of the front 7.

    • Why all the dismissal of Greg Ellis? He played 10 years on very mediocre teams, and missed 14 games in that time. He wasn’t Haley or Ware, but he was a good solid player. The only way we have a shot at one of the genuine studs is to get bad, or to revert to mediocrity and find one at 14. I admit that I got tired of the yearly Ellis Whine season.

      • 14 ? Ellis was picked at 8. He didn’t live up to pick 8. Good solid players is not what you’re looking for in the top 10. Jerry followed that up with Ebenezer Ekuban at 20. What if Taco is Ekuban all over again ? You good with that ?

        Guys like Ellis and Taco aren’t put you over the top defensive players. See Ben’s comment about if Taco reaches Ellis status it would be a welcomed addition. I had to put headphones on because the volume was so loud , and true.

        • 14 would be a pick of mediocrity, but not of terrible. Ellis was a very highly regarded prospect, with top rank college production. Didn’t work out as well as hoped, but not Ekuban. Ware was the 11th pick, so they can be found outside the top 5. If you want to go “what if”, what if he turns into JJ Watt? Would you be OK with that? C’mon man, you’re better than this.

          • If I was playing what if I would have mentioned your favorite de in Cowboys history.
            Shante Carver.

            JJ Watt ? Ok. Randy Moss. Ellis or Moss ? JJ Watt is a member of the “who is the dumbest gm ever” draft. Go look at the qb’s selected right before Watt.

            Ellis was a piece player. Like Taco hopes to become.

        • OTOH Maryland Russel was a good solid player and he was #1 overall, and the right player for the team at the time.

          Looking at Ellis at 8, he was a good player, but not picking Moss completely overshadows the selection