6 Replies to “Cowboys Smorgasbord”

  1. Frank B, another factual, valuable, thoughtful, and interesting summary. I admire your writing.

  2. Excellent point on the openness of the Cowboy FO, Jerry seems to need the limelight 24/7 to the very detriment of the roster………….very concerned that we still have not addressed the real problem holding this team back……. fourth quarter pressure on opposing QBs, and cannot shake the fact that the GM went back on his word once the Texans traded Ostweiler………….the recurring curse of Jerry is still in play for 2017.

    1. True, JerryJ is compelled to tell the world almost everything, almost all the time. His addiction to attention is appreciated by the sports press, and no doubt by the league’s more competent GMs.
      Long ago, when I was young, our Navy had posters to remind all concerned that “LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS.” And they referred to our submarine crews and operations as “THE SILENT SERVICE.” Their intent was this: STFU!
      That strategy worked. We won.

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