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Don’t Expect a Dak Decline

Dak Prescott

The other day we looked at some of the nuances in the schedule for the Dallas Cowboys. While the consensus is that it will be a challenge for the Cowboys to repeat upon their success (record wise), that doesn’t mean the team won’t be good in 2017.

That’s not what most people will have you believe though. The popular belief is that these Cowboys will take a step backwards and the reasons vary from strength of schedule, to the exodus from their secondary.

However, the biggest thing that will drag this team down has more to do with Dak Prescott. The second-year signal caller is expected to take a step back after a fantastic rookie season. They say he can’t possibly play that well again, that trouble awaits a team being led by a quarterback who played over his head in year one.

The talking heads certainly seem to be in agreement about Prescott and his inability to live up to the lofty status he brought upon himself and the Cowboys. They were so wrong about his draft profile that he couldn’t possibly repeat his success.

Of all the convenient excuses to knock the Cowboys, this is the worst. Dak Prescott showed that he was a special player and person last year, why would any of that change in year two? Because defenses have a “book” on him now?

Defenses have a book on Carson Wentz too, but there’s no mention of him regressing. Apparently, only Dak will take a step back. By the way, teams also had a book on Andrew Luck, Derek Carr, Peyton Manning, and a whole host of other quarterbacks that have come through the league. Bring up the name Robert Griffin III all you like, but comparisons to Prescott rings hollow. Dak has a much better build, feel and mind for the game than Bob did, so that assessment is lazy and inaccurate.

There’s another prevailing thought that has been thrown around the NFL for the last 20-30 years; a player makes the most improvements from year one to year two. But again, that doesn’t seem to apply to Prescott.

It’s a complete joke to say the Cowboys are going to take a step back because of Dak Prescott.

Knock Dallas all you want; they did lose two members off their stud offensive line, they have a tougher schedule (that we can tell of now), they rid themselves of most of their top contributing secondary pieces, and they still don’t have any pass rushers. Those are all points we can discuss when breaking down the demise of the Cowboys this season.

What we cannot surmise is that Prescott will be one of the main reasons the team won’t achieve the same success, there is no basis for that belief. Dak Prescott is different. If you haven’t heard anyone say that about Prescott or seen that by following him in the past nine months, that’s on you. Let’s see him fail over and over, the way he succeeded over and over last year, before we name him as a reason the Cowboys won’t be as good in 2017.

In fact, the opposite might be true. The Dallas Cowboys might be better this season because of Prescott’s experience, why hasn’t that prognosis been explored?

The NFL is all about quarterback play and the Cowboys have a good one who plays behind a great offensive line and surrounded by outstanding skill players. Maybe it’s time to ask if the Dallas Cowboys could be better in 2017.

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Ben Grimaldi

Ben Grimaldi

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Ben Grimaldi

  • Michael

    This season I am looking for Prescott to operate under center more often. I am happy with the development Prescott showed last season and I expect he will build on that foundation over the next few seasons. He seems to have the mental makeup to rife out ups and downs, so I anticipate he will ride out the ups and downs of OL changes just fine.

  • McShrek

    Do the Dallas Cowboys have a home run threat?

    by Daniel Ruppert

    “The Dallas Cowboys retained Terrance Williams and drafted Ryan Switzer, but are the Dallas Cowboys still missing a home run threat? First, let’s be clear, Ezekiel Elliott is a home run threat whenever and wherever he touches the ball. The real question here is do the Dallas Cowboys have a wide receiver who is a home run threat.

    Without argument, Dez Bryant is the best receiver on the Dallas Cowboys. Even with injuries last season he pulled in about 800 yards and 8 touchdowns. However, Dez has never really been a home run threat. He uses his size and lateral quickness to make catches, gain yards, and break some tackles. If you want Dez to win a contested 20 yard pass, he will do that. If you want Dez to take the roof off of a defense, well he isn’t exactly the receiver for that.”

    First time that i have seen someone write this unequivocally, which seems obvious to some……..Butler has the speed and frame to fill that need, but dropped way too many catch-able balls last year.

  • McShrek

    Dak and Zeke will be at the mercy of how well our revamped line works out….if Dak had to play behind Romo’s lines from 2010-2013 he too would have struggled…with a much tougher schedule Dak will likely have a much tougher go in 2017, winning the East will be no cakewalk…….the quality of opponents does make a difference.

  • Pete

    I’m with Taylor and House. That whole book crap is crap. They’ve had a book on Brady for 15 years has it done any good. NOPE!. If there is a book, I hope it is written by the same people who wrote the one on Brady. Ha. Dak will be fine and if he isn’t then oh well. He’ll try to be better the next year. Every thing is so doom and gloom with everyone. And like Taylor said, our season ended because of bad defense, not the QB. Why isn’t the defense so scrutinized since it cost us the chance to go farther. Its the nay sayers that are worried about Dak, and there is no indication he will be worse this year then next. And like House said ” now Dak has a book on them” it goes both ways ya know. And lets face it, there young and hungry and realize what they missed last year and Zeke is gonna be a mad man this year. Good luck NFL

  • housedj75

    I’ve been beating this drum for a while now. That whole “the defense has a book on him….” crap. Well now he has one on them as well. More importantly, he WILL be studying & not coasting. (something BobIII apparently did not do so well after his first season) & even more important (imo) is now he’ll be running HIS offense, not a bastardized version of Romos, like last year. (Linehan did a great job on short notice of tailoring to Dak’s strenghths last year.) Now he and Dak get a whole offseason to figure out what he likes/does best AND Dak get’s that time to work w/ his receivers as well, UNLIKE last year?? ummmm……. yes please!!
    The 2 missing pieced on the OL definitely have me worried, but not Dak.

  • Taylor

    Dak got better as the season progressed. He had all the auxiliary weapons, true, but he was better in game 14 than he was in game 4. Unless he becomes stupid, (drugs, strippers, etc.) he should be better in game 1 than he was at the end of the 2016 season. Our season ended because we could not get a stop, not because Dak made a bad play.