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    • Not sure Paul, I believe they can only take 90 to training camp but not sure when they have to get to that 90?

  1. I am sure that the coaching staff looked at this carefully, but there is a downside here……..two new pieces have to be plugged into this line, always a tricky proposition…….and Collins will become a FA after this season correct?

    Did he not sign just a 3 year deal with the team? Just checked, he is ony signed through 2017……….do not like this at all now……….either way the team loses leverage with trying to resign him after the season……….although he would be a RFA in 2018……coaching staff and FO may not be on the same page?

    • Regardless Shrek, there will be 2 new starters. He’ll be a RFA and Cowboys control him for at least 2 more years.

      • Not if they keep Collins at right guard, that is precisely the point….Collins was the starting right guard in both 15 and 2016 even though he was given the starting nod over Leary wihout open competition (JG has yet to master controlling the entire roster over the Owner/GM), which is why the Boys knew they had no chance in keeping him regardless of the $$$ involved…they kicked him to the curb and motivated him into generational wealth…..good for him…another of the Aaron Rodgers type situations that prop-up from time to time….different issue but same result, the player is felt disrespected and unwanted then ends up proving them all wrong…..a blessing if you will

  2. Good stuff Ben. One little tidbit. Collins played left tackle at LSU. Not that I keep up with LSU or anything but a friend told me.

    • I thought so, good catch. LT at LSU, to LG in NFL, now to RT in NFL. NMA, NeedMoreAcronyms. Green just cannot seem to stay on the field. Mac, he would be a RFA wherever he plays, so this is a wash on that point.

      • I think this move can work Taylor. I think Collins could become a DOMINANT LG given the time there. That said it won’t be like OT will be new to him. The least worrisome unit on the team is the o line.

        • Yup, LT but I’m still wondering if this move keeps when training camp kicks off…I really think he’ll be dominant wherever this year, word is he is much more in shape.

          • Hpe they get this out of their system quick………Bell and Green, could be the answer to Free and Parnell of a couple of years ago….may the best man earn it ………

        • What happens if one of the top three goes down for the year? Three new starters then…….both Zeke and Dak will be neutralized then………8-8, or worse with that challenging schedule

          • Earlier draft pick? Maybe pick up a “War Daddy”? I was impressed with Cleary at LT and Looney at LG when they played, so the cupboard won’t be empty. It’s the same with every team. No one has enough quality depth to move from an All-Pro to JAG with no consequences.

          • Reading other Cowboy websites, Looney may not make the team this year (of course one person’s opinion that follows the team), Cleary’s sample is just too small to declare him the swing tackle at this point in time….

          • Totally agree, would rather see Collins inside and Green and Bell win … win … the RT spot in competition. I did think Cleary did well in limited duty.