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  1. Stephen Jones would be wise to recall what made the 90s dynasty possible: the signing of one Charles Haley (who was a handful to be sure), what is worrisome about Stephen is that while he has shut down his father’s penchant for overpaying for FAs, he appears to have shut down any possibility to adding veteran players who can still contribute and get the team over the top…….McClin, Revis, Washington or Harris have apparently been ignored by this FO, while knowing that the youth movement remains quite unproven at both corner and LBs………..Jeremy Mc would have been an improvenemt over TWill, our LB corps are but a bunch of JAGs outside of Lee, and Jaylon remains a WIP; the younger Jones seems much more CFO than assembling a winning roster….we seem to have gone from one extreme, to another…………relying on the coaching staff to make lemonade out of lemons……….talent wins in Pro Sports…………as the Warriors just proved once again…..and i am not saying that i know whether the four i mentioned above can still play, but let’s take a look at them…..must repeat it once again, nobody on our defense scares any opposing O-coordinator…….cannot beat elite QBs with subpar defenses, and openly rooting for any of the kid corners to step up and win a outright starting NFL position becuse they can actually neutralize top WRs

  2. Collins and Irving will vie for the “best” designation on the d line. The remaining guys are young but appear to be role players. Taco really needs to bring it for the d line to take the next step. If Taco isn’t a difference maker I think we have more of the same.

    I hate this time of the year in regards to football, both college and pro. Football news is slow. However as I get older I’m ok with the season not arriving as fast as I like. Jerry is running out of years to prove he is a worthy gm. It’s amazing how bad he has been. I remember when we had a young Romo and the future looked bright. I hope this years iteration of the Cowboys can break the JJ curse.

    • I sometimes look at the Cowboys and think that JJ has turned the corner-and then we spend draft picks on Gregory and Smith. JJ has owned the team for nearly 30 years, the learning curve is very steep, but as GM’s go, he’s the kid in college who is in remedial reading. Yes, if the Taco and Tapper don’t make an impact, we have two good players and a collection of JAG’s.

    • Mensa, I agree. No one loves football more than me, but I enjoy the off-seasons more every year. Less stress & can enjoy the Sundays to do other things rather than watching football. It’s almost a relief.

  3. I hear a lot of negativity regarding this defensive line but like you I see a ton of young talent on the verge of a breakthrough. I’m excited about their potential.