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  1. Barring a dramatic turnaround in his performance it will be easy to move on from DLaw. There are plenty of young guys in the mix already.

  2. Much has been made of the team’s newfound cap space and free agents available on the market. I hope the team does not sign expensive players like Maclin due to the future and who they must pay after this year. Start with Zack Martin- a given. Also, Irving and L. Collins will be restricted FAs after this season. Do not forget that Crawford, Thornton and Scandrick will still count several million each for the next 2-3 years. Add Hitchens and Wilber to the mix as URFA and you have quite a number of players to be paid, not to mention backups like D. McFadden. What is needed, I think for this year, is to pay Martin and relieve yourself of a couple of hefty contacts like Scandrick or Thornton rather than let them play out their contract to the end. do that again next year also.

    • And I think that’s the plan Paul. Don’t see them adding any high or mid-level veterans at this point. Very modest deals til the season, except, of course, with Martin.

  3. So, he’s going into a contract year and shows up for OTA’s overweight and, I assume, out of shape? He has not been worth the price we paid, he needs to come out and play like his hair is on fire if he wants that big 2nd contract. Being overweight and out of shape is not a good start.

  4. Demarcus Laurence cost the team its 2nd AND 3rd round picks. Disappointment characterizes most of JerryJ’s 2nd round picks. It’s part of the curse.