4 Replies to “Cowboys Need More Than Dak and Zeke”

  1. DB backfield will likely be tested throughout the season, and we are facing a bunch of top tier QBs this season, Dak will not be the best QB on the field on plenty of sundays…………where will the pass rush come from?
    I agree that moving on from some of the established DBs was the right, long, term tactic……..but losing 4 in one shot made little sense…..McClain at D-tackle will also be missed.

  2. Doubt that we surprised anyone after the mid-point of the season. It’s the defense that is the concern. Barring a rash of injuries, the offense will be fine, the d is not good right now.

  3. I would like the Cowboys acquire a bigger athletic MLB like Rolando McClain to support the defensive line, stop the run, and shut down the short pass game. This position has been the Cowboys biggest weakness for some time. I do not have confidence Jaylon Smith will be the player he was.

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