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  1. We shall see once the GIants offense torches us big time come the first game of the season….by then someone else might have signed him……… i know nothng about if he can still shut down top WRs

  2. Maybe I’m wrong but it seems to me that DARRELLE has always been about Darelle. And last season shows that either his skills have declined or he wasn’t playing with complete effort. Either way, I wouldn’t want him

  3. Revis had a bad year on an awful team. If he’s around when training camp starts, he might be worth a look, IF he’s cheap and IF he can play both safety and cb. He could be cheap insurance against a run of injuries in a thin secondary.

  4. If Reevis wants to move to safety and waits until say week 3 or 4 to sign. Injuries and rookies could have Dallas singing a different tune.

    He was toast last year but many aging COrners transition to safety. Hard to believe TNew is still getting it done at a high level.

    I like the youth movement and I’m not sure reevis is worth it but we lost all our experience in our defensive backfield if FAs played better after signing Dallas might sign more. Unfortunately our FAs usually disappoint.