3 Replies to “Do Jason Garrett’s RKOG’s Exist for Dallas Cowboys?”

  1. Dez is now considered a RKOG??

    Confusion reigns at the star if that is so…….maybe he has matured?

  2. Part of being an RKG is actually showing up so you can be an RKG on the field. Suspensions due to off-field activities mean you can’t be on the field, which then means you can’t be an RKG. So, off-the-field behavior IS part of being an RKG. I get so tired of fans and the media making excuses for these boneheads.

  3. This is a situation that cries out ” what were you thinking? You embarrassed the entire organization. One more boneheaded move like that and you are gone.” It’s not a one mistake and you’re out. This guy has a clean record until now. It’s not like dog fighting or selling cocaine. I understand that someone could have been hurt. Luckily no one was. Give him a warning, a fine and if he repeats, he is gone. This is definitely a second chance situation given his record. He’s a good guy who did a stupid thing. He should not and will not be released for this, although he embarrassed the organization. Give him his second chance like Lawrence Taylor and Michael Vick.

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