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  1. I’m still going with 9-7 to 11-5. We just don’t have enough dynamic players on defense. Do we even have a dynamic player on the defense?

  2. Have to agree with Mensa, o-line is replacing 40% of its members, even if Collins outperforms Free at RT, it will take a few games to iron things out with the new starting five; Defense remains a weakness, no pressure on QBs means new DBs will be tested early and often…………can Jaylon Smith play, if not LBs look mediocre outside of Lee?

    Dak and Zeke rely on the o-line to get their jobs done, with the daunting schedule 10 wins will be an accomplishment…………..Eagles and Giants should be much improved………..

  3. Ben, 2016 may have been a curse. Remember Wade’s 13-3 team ? They never were able to replicate that season again until last season. I think other teams in the division improved. I have a hard time believing we improved on defense unless Taco becomes Haley or close. Offense is the ACE of spades on this team.

    Will the defense be the Joker once again ? I know fans are still excited about Dak. However if you go back and look at the tape of the game vs the Packers , he had guys open and didn’t throw to them. Can he make those reads this season ? More concerning is JG. That was a terrible series of play calls on that last drive. The excuse that he doesn’t have experience is stick a fork in it done.

    I’m hopeful but reserved. I’ve seen this movie too many times in the last 20 years.

    • We got a winner in Dak and the best rb in football.

      Leary was a huge loss and a healthy Collins at G or T is a must. However no pro bowlers form the early 90s on Defense. Role players. Did their job. They were mostly young with Jeffcoat being the exception.

      I’m very concerned about our defensive backfield. Jones is very good and could get better but does a bunch of rookies And zero pass rush put fear in Cousins Eli or Wentz not to mention Rogers.

      Still Dallas offense and ball control clock killing time of possession should have same effect as last year. I argued Elliot might be the best thing we did for our defense after last years draft. He’s only going to get better. And that does put fear in defensive coordinators for the gmen Iggles and deadskins.

      • I hope Dak isn’t a mirage and you are correct.

        But um……bout that best running back thing…..I love Zeke…but there’s a new Best in town. He plays in Jacksonville. Just a heads up.