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  1. Ben bringing the heat. BTW , now that you’ve become a famous writer , aren’t you a member of the media ? We know SVO lives in the hills of Hollywood and banks ask him for money. But what about you ?

    Look last years draft was spectacular. Collins and Dak are the two that this team needs the most to excel. That said this team will live with the offense and die with the defense. Can Collins become LaRoi Glover or Jay Ratliff ? Imagine if he did. For this team however the 2017 draft will be most important as it relates to playoff success considering the defensive picks , picks this team is counting on to significantly contribute.

    What kind of Taco are we getting ? Just cheese or barbacoa with red sauce ? Can the young db’s make a
    difference ?

    ANNNNDDDDD….coaching. t’s time for Garrett to put up or become head coach for the Texans next season.

  2. Was 2016 an outlier, like 2015, or have we crossed the line into consistent contender? Offensively, barring a rash of injuries, yes. Defensively, there are way more questions than answers. Expectations seem to be running high, but I want to see these guys in pads at speed.