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  1. Do we actually have to pick which player will take Dunbar’s place on IR or the bench?

    • Exactly. Here’s a promising guy who showed flashes and always gets hurt he must have been a coaches dream otherwise he would have been cut a long time ago. Good luck in LA.

      I thought Zeke is better out of backfield and should have gotten everyon of his 3rd down snaps.

      Give Zeke a rest with Morris and Mczfadden. Two proven backs who can run and aren’t liabilities in blocking pass pick up. Anyone is going to be a step down from Zeke. He’s a stud. The boys kept Morris And DMac for a reason. If Zeke got hurt or needs to rest going into playoffs they care capable and proven.

    • No, I will volunteer for that role. True, I’m old, slow and unathletic, but I can sit with the best.

      • As the off-season draws to an end, and training camp is close enough to smell the locker room, I have solemnly determined that your remark here wins the Preseason Wisdom Medal. Congratulations, and best of luck to repeat in the 2017 Camp Wisdom Medal. Making me laugh is key.