7 Replies to “Jump Aboard the Maliek Collins Hype Train”

  1. Collins is the most talented d lineman on the Cowboys. He will need some help from the rookie de.

        1. hell, him seeing the field will be huge. ahaha Of all the unknown quantities on this Def, he’s the one I’m most interested in. Hasn’t played a game (obvious) BUT has had a full year in the strength program, I’m sure has been studying film, been getting coaching , learning NFL technique, etc. So a rookie (no game experience) but not a rookie (should understand what it’s going to take to make it this year, knows what the coaches want see, etc)
          I’m excited to see what he & Taco may do.

  2. Let’s hope Collins has a whole lot more class than cheap shot artist Warren Sapp. He far exceeded my expectations last year after missing camp with his injury. I expect big things from him this year.

  3. All players do well in the offseason workout and a full year away from college. No college commitments and adjustment to being a pro and getting in the weight room with the strength coach full time. College workouts are restricted. Pros are a program designed by one of the best in the biz.

    Collins was a great find and solid rookie. Their is no better place to have a pass rusher than up the gut. 5 from him is like 10 from outside end.

    Other than the speedy pass rusher (yes I’m looking at you Cheech and Chong Gregory) Dallas has a lot of solid front 7 and good safety in Jones. The DBs need to learn fast but it’s a young team and it just got younger.

    If Zeke and Dak play 16 games Dallas will be in the playoffs. 10-6 perhaps but still this is a ball control O that depends on Zeke. Defense isn’t facing Aaron Rodgers every week. By mid season your rookies ain’t rookies any more. You’ve identified players.

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