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  1. Collins is the most talented d lineman on the Cowboys. He will need some help from the rookie de.

        • hell, him seeing the field will be huge. ahaha Of all the unknown quantities on this Def, he’s the one I’m most interested in. Hasn’t played a game (obvious) BUT has had a full year in the strength program, I’m sure has been studying film, been getting coaching , learning NFL technique, etc. So a rookie (no game experience) but not a rookie (should understand what it’s going to take to make it this year, knows what the coaches want see, etc)
          I’m excited to see what he & Taco may do.

  2. Let’s hope Collins has a whole lot more class than cheap shot artist Warren Sapp. He far exceeded my expectations last year after missing camp with his injury. I expect big things from him this year.

  3. All players do well in the offseason workout and a full year away from college. No college commitments and adjustment to being a pro and getting in the weight room with the strength coach full time. College workouts are restricted. Pros are a program designed by one of the best in the biz.

    Collins was a great find and solid rookie. Their is no better place to have a pass rusher than up the gut. 5 from him is like 10 from outside end.

    Other than the speedy pass rusher (yes I’m looking at you Cheech and Chong Gregory) Dallas has a lot of solid front 7 and good safety in Jones. The DBs need to learn fast but it’s a young team and it just got younger.

    If Zeke and Dak play 16 games Dallas will be in the playoffs. 10-6 perhaps but still this is a ball control O that depends on Zeke. Defense isn’t facing Aaron Rodgers every week. By mid season your rookies ain’t rookies any more. You’ve identified players.