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  1. Please tell me what I going on with Tyronne Crawford! First he is drafted at DE. Then he is moved to DT and signed a huge contract. Then he returned to DE due to depth issues and SAYS he is really comfortable at DE. Now some writers are saying he wants to move to DT permanently while others say he wants to stay at DE. Can you please sort out all this information and misinformation. I think he would probably have to take a paycut to move to DE but does that lengthen his career and lessen the chance of injury?

    1. Think they like him as a swiss army kinda guy, he bounces around where they need him. That said, he’s gonna play mostly inside unless injuries dictate otherwise.

  2. Ben , Dak just has cool hand Luke aura about him. He may very well be one of those guys who usurps mediocre coaching.

    1. I think Dak gets his fair share of good coaching. The Cowboys have a quality QB coach, an OC who is a former QB, and Garrett to help Dak along. He is surrounded by quality coaching.

      I worry about everything else.

    1. Lee, we have Steve on-site, Connor will be there for a short time as well. And follow @YumaCactus on twitter or o his youtube page to get some great videos from practices.

  3. I’m honestly shocked that more of you aren’t taking a stand with the behavior from these guys. It’s been embarrassing.

    1. What kind of stand can you really take? I’m disappointed in their behavior but I remember some of the stupid things that I did at that age and I didn’t have their money. Zeke’ incidents are fairly harmless other than punching out the guy if he’s guilty but some people need an ass kicking.

      1. LOL. Does nobody remember those 90’s teams??? I mean Irvin STABBED a guy over a haircut. (allegedly) Not saying I couldn’t do w/ out all the headlines, but… (& thank god there was no cel phones/social media back then, Dallas would have barely been able to field a team most weeks)

    2. Embarrassing. But what can fans really do when Jerry or Garrett are in charge? …and yes, most fans probably know or guess what these guys will say or do.

      Me: would have cut Randle after his stealing…and mouthing off in practice. And team paid for it in 2015.
      The same goes for Wilson: don’t need any choir boys but I would have cut. Then and there. But can sign or trade for a LB and then cut in TC. Even if he was doing well.

      Young and dumb. But with lots of money. What do you really expect.

      Now, if Jerry were to sign a turd like Hardy…well, then, that would be another matter.

      Before people get all huffy, (and pardon the cliches) but I don’t know about the drafted DB that is going to court. Tried to listen to radio and guys around draft. But I thought I heard that there was more in the nature of arguments… but then again, I don’t know.

    3. The one thing we KNOW that Zeke did is the speeding tcket. Everything dose is he said,she said stuff and law enforcement refuses to get involved. Enough said!

  4. Disgust? maybe a little harsh… but the water has been preheated from years of FO boneheaded moves and player missteps.

    When it seems that the team is this close (2014 and 2016) and just making a play and winning and then moving on and then…. so close and yet so far. Yeah, with those expectations, the margin for stoopidty is very small.

    Zeke: time will tell if he can avoid major mistakes. But how in the hell do you appeal 100 mph. “That radar was wrong, I was only doing less than…”.

    [hopefully just will go through a period like one Dez. all smoke and no fire…]

    Wilson: charges get dropped? everybody gets amnesia? But still something happened and something “concrete”(unlike Zeke at bar) and Commish does bring down the hammer.

    Jaylon: until he plays … oh well.

    But the thing at TC to worry about: after 3 starters (Lee, Hitchens, Wilbur), who do the Boys really have? And please no 5-10 220 lb LBs. Don’t see Dexter Coakley or Dat Nguyen out there.

    [okay maybe as the sixth LB on team and great for special teams…but]

    And, yes, I would rather see 6-2 240 lb LB out there…if he can move of course 😛

    1. I remember Jerry being so proud of the Coakley pick during his rookie training camp. Coakley and Dat are the kind of players that stand out on losing teams. Like being the tallest midget. See what I did there ?

      1. Well actually I do remember that Dex could cover WRs in slot. (Then again, it has been awhile). But both guys had subpar DLs to help them out. Well besides Ellis and L.Glover they had …

        And Dat was serviceable. BJames needed how long to get ready to man the middle? And then seemed to not make plays when he had more talent around him than Dat.

        Tallest midgets…well how about short giants 🙂

        But they did have the speed or seemed to be at the right spot…however, their size would be a disadvantage.

  5. Everyone looking to see if the rookie corners can hold up, whether Jaylon can fulfill some of his promise, and will the DEs generate any consistent pressure? It is all about the defense if we are to contend………especially against elite QBs

    In most cases, QB play is what separates contenders from pretenders, even with a monster at RB………

  6. Other than Damien Wilson’s idiot move, I have not been disgusted with the Cowboys off season. I am ready for TC, because I want to see how LG and RT shake out. What the Taco and Tapper show. How good is Jaylon going to be at speed in pads? Will Thornton and Paea step up as a force at the 1? Who will be the pet cat this year? I want to see if the defense appears to be better. I’m ready.

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