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  1. The domestic violence investigation of Zeke has been going on over a year. The Columbus PD long ago concluded that there was nothing there. Per DMN, the Dallas PD is asking for cell phone videos to see if Zeke was even involved in the bar incident, no charges have been filed against anyone. Apart from the domestic violence allegations, all these other things are just young guy things. I don’t know what the NFL is looking for, but I doubt they have the investigative expertise of a major metro police department.

    1. Not buying it, EE has now shown a pattern of ongoing poor judgement, at minimum it reeks of him getting away with stuff at OSU repeatedly; as i stated elsewhere, if you think Goodell or the NFL have it out for Zeke, it makes no marketing sense whatsoever ………probably the BEST player on the marquee franchise in the league, if not the entire league……..my take, the league and Cowboys FO has been able to suppress all of the facts on what happened with his girl issue last year……….no other alterantive makes any sense on why they have continued to pursue this……..Just heard Herm Edwards on Zeke, “needs to be taken off the field”……the sooner it happens the better off EE will be longer term….the longer the adults in the organiztion sidestep their responsibility, the worst off the team and Zeke will suffer.

      1. I don’t see what pressure the NFL could apply to the Columbus City Attorney, and the Cowboy organization would have none. According to the reports I have read, the police could not find clear evidence that an assault had occurred, and witnesses did not see the alleged assault. My take is that the NFL is in cover your ass mode, just in case the Columbus PD and City Attorney decide to have another look. The NFL may decide to suspend Zeke, bit if they do, it will be strictly a PR move: “Look, we suspended a guy because he may have done something. This is how seriously we take even unproven allegations of domestic assault.” You have drifted from Occam’s Razor into Conspiracy Land.

        1. I just go by the facts, he has had multiple incidents over the past 16 months……..where there is smoke, there is usually fire; i was talking about the media holding back details of the alleged incident and how it was handled after the fact….we all know that Greg Hady bought his accuser off not too lang ago….not saying that this is what happened in this instance, but NFL, Cowboys, EE have plenty at stake here.

          Jerry might be bracing himself for some kind of suspension based on the interview yesterday……see below

      2. Well if that’s what you and Herm think…
        So many judges. There’s no such thing as crazy, spiteful women. And the rest is just a youngster acting his age.
        I don’t know all of the facts about the DV accusation but neither do you or Herm. The police are best qualified to make that decision.

        1. The volume of incidents proves he needs personal restraint, the kid is headed for a larger incident if he cannot curb his appetite for controversy…..do you know how Guiliani cleaned up NYCity? By going after petty crimes and taggers on the subway system, our local PD does the same, with great success; if Zeke was not a monster at RB, would you cut him this much slack?? NOOOOOOOO

          1. I cut any kid slack for those transgressions. In the case of the DV…if he’s guilty then no slack at all but I don’t think Goodell should be the ultimate decider.

          2. I wouldn’t cut Wilson the same slack because of the use of his vehicle and the displaying of the weapon. Although I agree with his right to an open parking spot.

          3. I agree that Goodell shouldn’t be the ultimate decider. But the CBA the players agreed to a few years back makes Goodell exactly that. His opinion is the only one that counts in determining whether or not a player faces suspension.

  2. It’s funny how a bunch of older fans get up in arms over these things. I’m 55, so I’m in the same category, but at their age, I remember doing the same dumb things. My kids did the same dumb things at that age also. But they weren’t NFL players under the microscope. I guess we weren’t worthy of the press coverage.

    I’m not saying they shouldn’t be penalized, but please remember that these are basically man-children. They are still growing and learning what it takes to be a man in society. The fact that they have been coddled by their high schools and colleges doesn’t help their growth either. Let’s not label them just yet. Punish, yes. Label, no.

    1. Mostly agree, yet he has been on the biggest of stages since his days under Meyer….do we need another Ray Rice type incident before they get serious with him?

      Starting to think that we do have a culture issue with this team………

      1. Agree that it seems almost a certainty that EE will get a game to two suspension. He’s pretty much forced the NFL into it with his titty city flashing incident, the 100 mph toll road ticket, and now the alleged bar punch. Added to the alleged domestic violence charge (which is no laughing natter) and its all too much to let him slide. Plus he’s got a history of minor incidents at Ohio State. It’s death by a thousand cuts. The kid doesn’t seem malicious but the Cowboys need to get a handle on him right away.

        1. Just read that the DPD is not pursuing whatever happened in the bar. Not even the victim has come forth to file a complaint.

          1. It’s apparently not entirely clear what happened, Zeke was there, but no evidence that he was involved. Last report I read said that no one was providing information.

        2. I’ve driven 100, played with titties in public, and punched out assholes and didn’t need anyone getting a handle on me. Today’s social media blows this crap out of proportion.

          1. Dale, I’ve driven 124, had sex on the golf course (several times!), and lost more fights than I’ve won. Smoked dope, drank like a fish, took every drug that didn’t require a needle and spent a few nights in jail too. Straightened myself out at 28, got married and raised a family. But none of that’s the point. I didn’t have a team counting on me and I didn’t hurt anyone but myself (had a hell of a good time too). You’re right a lot of this stuff used to get covered up but that’s not the world we live in now. A lot of people are counting on EE and he needs to straighten up or someone needs to straighten him up. You, me, and EE can’t get away with what we used to.

      2. One difference between Rice and Elliott. There were witnesses. None of the witnesses could corroborate her story. They saw no evidence of abuse and they were in the car together in one incident.

        Also, there is the situation where she told Zeke that if he broke up with her before he was drafted, he would be sorry. Some feel this would never happen, but there is someone in California that was locked up right before he was due to go to USC on trumped up rape charges that the girl admitted years later that her family put her up to it, that she didn’t want to do it, but they wanted money from the school district, which they got.

        If there is no proof, quit saying they are guilty. Let the law handle it.

        1. The only difference was the video of RIce manhanling his now wife; there is video of Zeke pulling the stunt at the amusement park…….the law is not perfect, and is subject to the same political pressures that large organizations are subjected to…….OJ Simpson?

          1. What about a DUI? Would you consider that reckless and immature?

            It carries the same misdemeanor penalty.

          2. DUI’s have killed people, …….look what happened to the Cowboys just a few short years ago; the penalties for DUIs carry a much harsher, longer term penalty, in auto insurance costs, as well as being kept in one’s record for 10 years (Cali law)….most high end carriers will not touch you unless you pay the a bunch of $$$$$

          3. Dak Prescott had a DUI shortly before the draft. No one is questioning his maturity. These are 21 year-olds. They will learn.

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