2 Replies to “Who to Watch at Training Camp for Cowboys”

  1. Technically, Tapper was not injured. He had a congenital back problem, pars defect, which has been fixed. Whether he can play is another question to be answered. The secondary will be of interest, but we lost jags, and worst case is they are replaced with jags.

    1. My son had that same defect (discovered while pitching in college), the surgery to correct it is no small surgery, hope he is100% healed, if not he will reinjure it again…….. hope that the DBs drafted will turn out to be at least JAGS, Carr never missed a game in his entire time in Dallas, Claiborne was finally showing something for the huge price we paid to draft him, could never stay healthy.
      LB corps looks mighty thin with the Wilson issue and J. Smith’s snail-like recovery….

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