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  1. I’m glad Wentz was drafted by the iggles. This will make for ready made storylines every season provided both can keep their jobs as starter.

  2. …and now a report this morning that EE decked somebody last night in a Dallas bar. Does it ever end?

    1. Think that Zeke just happens to be in wrong spot at the wrong time, or is he really an immature young athelete that has gotten away with multiple situations in the past? Urban Meyer is known for stepping in to protect his star players.
      Whenever you have more than one off the field “issue” it is usually the athlete and not the other folks that are either victimized or ridiculed by the star athlete, reagrdless of how many fans jump into the cocoon defense posture, bash Goodell and or the NFL………..think we now have more than enough evidence to NOT GIVE him another pass……….again JG’s lack of leadership or fear form his players at work.

      Suspension is now likely………….maybe the best thing, that might begin to curb his behavior; two games might get his attention.


      1. You have put your finger on the underlying problem. EE is a star player whose mistakes were papered over by Meyer. Those days are gone. Prior to last night, it looked like a one or two game suspension but today it could easily be four games or more.

        This was written about Jeff Fisher but could easily have been written about JG: “He possessed an uncanny ability to steer teams toward an 8-8 record with ten of the seasons ending 8-8, 9-7, or 7-9. His teams reached double-digit wins in only six seasons but fell short of seven wins only five times. He been the classic “make a bad team decent, and make a good team average” coach.”

        The only difference is that JG’s oscillations are wider – between 12-4 and 4-12 rather than 7-9 and 9-7.

        1. JG has a young quality-starting qb and a star rb. He doesn’t make playoffs he’s gone.

          Dak is fine but Zeke needs to grow up. Columbus covers up for buckeyes but TMZ is following Zeke around waiting for copy. Needs to spend his evenings playing Xbox and madden and studying his playbook. After a couple SB rings and retirement from NFL the parties never stop in retirement see Michael Irvin.

          These guys are targets. Don’t put yourself in these situations.

          1. If JG has a mediocre season, keep your eye on Sean Payton. He might be done in NO after this year. Payton and JJ have a solid relationship and I think Payton could work with JJ as easily as JG while bringing a higher level of coaching acumen. I am among those who think Romo would be wearing a SB ring if Payton had followed Parcells as HC.

            I want to think EE will wise up after the suspension that is surely coming, but who knows. He might be that dumb.

          2. I’d love be Payton in Dallas. He’d love Dak and Zeke and that offense.

            His Achilles is we need a D mind and he can’t build a D in NO.

            Payton is a great coach though. Not different from Garret philosophy but so much more of an in your face coach. JG and he are true friends. I doubt Payton wants to run JG off. But he would love to win SB in Dallas.

          3. Payton would have made Romo tow the line. Cupcake and Garret kissed his but. Romo needed tough love.

          4. We agree on Payton. With equal talent he would coach circles around JG.

            Zeke is dumb, especially if he gets suspended. There’s only 16 games in a season and you want to compromise that by acting foolish ?

        2. As long as Jerry is involved, the Cowboys will never have a top tier HC, JG is as good as we can hope for due to JJ’s insistence on embellishing his “football knowledge” and assembling a winning squad (even after ridiculing his own son in the media over the Zach Martin pick over Manziel)……..JG deserves all of the credit for rebuilding the offenive line and establshing a bulldozing type f running attack

      2. “Urban Meyer is known for stepping in to protect his star players.” Aaron Hernandez is hanging around to confirm your statement.

        Zeke is tailor made for the Cowboys. He very well could be the biggest star of the stars in Dallas. And the dumbest.

        How did you like Charles Haley saying Dak reminds him of Joe Montana ?

        1. Haley is another piece of work, HOF dumb………had not heard that, living in Cali, news travels slowly

          1. HOF dumb and one of the greatest pass rushers ever. Talent and smarts aren’t exclusive.

          2. Yup , Shrek. For all the talent we had , Haley was “that guy”. We don’t have that guy right now unless Tapper or Taco become that guy.

      3. From the DMN: “But Elliott has also been known to struggle when fans approach him off the field, and he left the event’s VIP party last Friday night in Dallas’ Design District in frustration.” Something’s going on with this kid and Dallas may need to protect him like they did Dez.

      4. and just saw this on DMN: “The 21-year-old is appealing a misdemeanor conviction for speeding after a state trooper clocked his 2016 Dodge Charger traveling 100 mph on the Dallas North Tollway near Lebanon Road in Frisco earlier this year.”

  3. So to be accurate… “A whole lot of nothing with the Cowboys” (… unless it is about Zeke ).

    a. except, unless LBs start to drop in TC
    b. the team starts to lose…alot. and Lombardi can gloat

    PS: just the mathematician in me: how can nothing have a whole lot? Unless of course referring to one’s bank account before bills are due 😛

    1. Thats the irony of it, been cleared by police & not being investigated anymore because of evidence that she was trying to extort him, witnesses saying she lied, but NFL still looking into matter and may suspend.

      1. After last night’s incident, i can assure you that the media has been holding back info on what really did happen between the girl and EE, or subsequent to the event……league has NOTHING to gain by punishing a guy who someday soon could be the face of the highest profiled team in the league, or of the entire league itself……makes no sense to undermine a very valuable marketing commodity

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