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Extra Points: Cowboys Win in Week Three Published 9/26/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineDallas Cowboys Helmet

The Dallas Cowboys are now 2-1 on the young season and they’ve already taken us through a gamut of emotions. Perhaps we’re still waiting to see what this team will be, but we know one thing after last night, they are going to give you everything they’ve got. Here are the extra points for the Cowboys for week three: Dak Prescott: It’s starting to get repetitive, but he’s more than... read more→

The Gloat: Cowboys Fight Back to Beat Cardinals Published 9/25/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineDemarcus Lawrence

It was a wild night in the dessert, it usually is when the Dallas Cowboys play in Arizona. In the end, what started as a terrible night for the Cowboys, wound up being a heck of a 28-17 win. This game had a 2016 feel to it, if only because of the slogan for the Cowboys last season was “Finish the fight!” Despite things not going well early, the team fought back to take control and won it... read more→

Broken Bronco Fan Published 9/25/2017 in SportsTalkLine Fan Posts

I am a life long Bronco Fan but after this weekends disrespectful display I have decided this team is not worth my time and/or loyalty. My nephew is scheduled to deploy in a few months. With my personal feelings about this country, our flag and the men and women who have died under it I can no longer support the Broncos. I hope you can take this Broken Bronco Fan as a new Cowboy Supporter. I will... read more→

Arizona Has Been A House of Horrors for Cowboys Published 9/25/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineUniversity of Phoenix Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys are preparing to kick-off against the Arizona Cardinals tonight, and while that brings excitement to usually dreary Monday’s, University of Phoenix Stadium has been a house of horrors for the Cowboys. The last three times the Cowboys have played there, the games have ended in heartbreaking fashion. Let’s travel down the road of misery for the Cowboys playing in Arizona... read more→

Ezekiel Elliott Guaranteed to Play Until Week 5 Published 9/23/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineEzekile Elliott 1st Down

With the official schedule now set on October 2nd for the NFL's emergency motion for a stay in the Ezekiel Elliott's case one can equate the Cowboys will have the RB's services until that time as a minimum. The 2nd falls just after the slate of week 4 NFL contest ergo Zeke will not only be available perhaps he can find a way to better focus on the task at hand than he was able to in... read more→

Sports Talk Line - 2017 NFL Dallas Cowboys Week 3 Published 9/22/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineHelmet Phone Cowboys

2017 NFL Dallas Cowboys Week 3 Denver is Done - Cards Next The Cowboys vs Cardinals is this weeks edition of the NFL's Monday Night Football and the 'Boys needed the extra day to help rid themselves of their Mile-High Hangover. Ben and Van detail the good, bad and ugly of the "Debacle in Denver" and let's be frank, there was a little good and then a whole lot of bad and ugly. No tough... read more→

How Cowboys Move Past Denver Debacle Published 9/21/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineJason Witten

When you lose games in the NFL, it seems like everyone takes a shot at you. It’s been a rough four days for the Dallas Cowboys and the team is being bashed from every angle imaginable. As much as it stings right now, the Cowboys can move past the Denver debacle by winning in Arizona on Monday night. To get back on track, the Cowboys need to get back to their identity, playing bully ball on... read more→

A Reformed Whore is Worst of All - LaDainian Tomlinson Published 9/20/2017 in Pro Football Talk LinePhilip Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson, Andrew Pinnock

A strange title indeed. I refer to the old saw I recall that goes (more or less) something like this. "Any reformed person is bad enough, but a reformed whore is worst of all." Anyone that has had to listen to a person that lost 100 lbs go off on sugar or a person who quit drinking rage against alcohol or watch former smokers give their superiority glare the meaning is clear. As people we are... read more→

2017 Week 3 NFC Power Rankings Published 9/20/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineNFC Logo

Week 2 of the 2017 NFL Season is in the books. After all ofthe upsets and blowouts we can't wait to see the rankings for this week! The NFC Power Ranking will post weekly with regular analyst, authors, and pundits from your favorites team creating individual list that we then add together for the combined (and final) ranking. Below the chart each contributor will... read more→