Cowboys Jaylon Smith – Facts vs Beliefs

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There are “facts” in the world of sports. It’s a fact the Dallas Cowboys nailed it in the 2016 NFL Draft. Taking RB Ezekiel Elliott with the fourth overall pick was bold. Maliek Collins in the third was a perfect example of a team doing excellent scouting. Dak Prescott in the fourth round …. are you kidding me? CB Anthony Brown in the sixth round …. pullleeeze! That’s killing it. That’s a fact.

There are also “beliefs” in the world of sports. Jerry Jones believes the team is going to be in the Super Bowl this season … as he does every year. Let’s be frank. Him believing in something and it happening aren’t exactly in the same zip code. When you get right down to it Jerry is big on beliefs, short on facts and HUGE on hype. I offer the latest Jaylon Smith hype moment as exhibit one.

Jerry “believes” TE Rico Gathers could have been activated for the playoff run last season. He wasn’t. Jerry “believes” SS Kavon Frazier could start this season. He has a chance. Jerry “believes” DE Charles Tapper is going to have a year that echos third round team mate Maliek Collins rookie season. He might. Jerry also “believes” former Norte Dame LB Jaylon Smith was THE BEST value pick in the 2016 NFL Draft and could have been activated for the 2016 playoffs. He isn’t and he wasn’t. Jerry and Jaylon also believe the player will recover “100 %!” He hasn’t and most likely at this juncture, will not.

The reality is that injuries, especially catastrophic ones have a recovery timeline and according to Dr. David J. Chao the chances of a 100% recovery are declining with each day the nerve has yet to get there. In other words, if he was going to recover 100% … he “most likely” already would have.

To put it bluntly, the longer the nerve does NOT recover the more likely it is the nerve WON’T recover. Jaylon Smith is a positive individual. It’s in his DNA. He uses this approach to achieve greatness. Jerry Jones does the same thing. There is nothing wrong with the approach or the individuals using it. Just understand that is what they are doing. Taking the absolute best possible outcome and staying focused on it until it is achieved. That is what belief can do for you.

In reality the entire situation was a “feel good” moment for the draft when the writing was on the wall quite early.

The player himself still firmly believes states the injury will recover 100%. Dr. Jerry Jones has vacillated from 100% recovery to him taking the viewpoint it will be great to get Smith “on the field.” In the real world however actual doctors like Chao all pretty much agree …. that was one gruesome injury and whereas it could heal 100% with each day it doesn’t the chances are less and less likely.

Fact #1 – the Dallas Cowboys killed it in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Fact #2 – Jaylon Smith, Rico Gathers, Kavon Frazier and Charles Tapper are talented possibilities you WANT on your team. However in reality they are “maybes” that get a chance in 2017 to live up to the promise of their 2016 draft positions. Nothing more.

Beliefs aren’t facts. However it’s much better to have some than not. Just ask a Brown’s fan.

What say you Sports Nation?

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