Alfred Morris

Alfred Morris Signing Not A Panic Move

The Dallas Cowboys re-signed running back, unfortunately, it wasn’t who everyone was hoping for. Alfred Morris, who was with the team in 2017 and performed well when given an opportunity, was brought back by the team with Ezekiel Elliott still holding out.

While many might take this to mean Elliott is no closer to ending his holdout, the reality is much different. Morris provides a veteran presence the running back room, something the team sorely lacks. With rookies and inexperience everywhere at the position, Morris represents comfort for the Cowboys. His signing says more about the current level of quality in the backfield without Elliott.

It’s also another shot the Cowboys are firing against Zeke in his holdout. In this game, both sides have a few ways to try and gain the upper hand and the organization is sending an additional warning Elliott’s way. Elliott’s move was to train in Cabo; which the team countered with signing a legitimate a replacement-level player.

None of it means much in the grand scheme of things, each side is playing the game. Through the media and through talent acquisition, they are communicating.

Morris’ signing is much more about having a professionally capable running back ready to go if necessary. Even if Elliott was in camp right now, Morris would be a smart addition.

Don’t read too much into the signing of Alfred Morris, the team needed the depth at RB.

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