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Dak Prescott Is Worth The Money

Most of the talk for the Dallas Cowboys this past off-season was about contracts, who was going to get paid. Aside from DeMarcus Lawrence, most of the high profile guys have not gotten extended. Quarterback Dak Prescott, who has been very quiet about his next deal, just let a detail slip in his negotiations with the team.

According to NFL Network’s Jane Slater, Prescott turned down an offer for $30 million a year and has asked for $40 million. Other sources have refuted that report.

Regardless, let’s assume you’ve closed your mouth from the huge gasp you just let out and let’s deal in reality. Prescott isn’t going to make $40 million annually, nor will the Cowboys pay that price to keep Prescott in the fold.

However, this is called negotiations and no one knows the art of the negotiation better than Jerry Jones, who you know is sitting back and laughing at the overreaction to this all.

You never get what you don’t ask for. The team offered $30, perhaps Prescott’s representatives (not Dak himself, an important distinction) asked for $40. The price tag will likely come in the middle somewhere, that’s how the negotiation game works.

The bigger question with Prescott’s contract at any price near $30 million continues to be, is he worth it? The real answer is no, but none of these quarterbacks are worth the price.

However, the NFL doesn’t deal in reality, nor is it realistic to ask a player to take a ‘hometown discount.’ In real life, while operating inside NFL industry standards for a QB, the answer hasn’t changed. It’s irrelevant to ask if Prescott’s worth the money.

In the NFL timing is everything, when it’s time to get paid, you get paid where the market dictates. For good level quarterbacks, like Dak, the price continues to go up. When a quarterback’s deal is up, that guy will be the next quarterback to get paid and possibly set the market for the next QB.

That’s how it works. Asking the question “is he worth it” falls upon deaf ears in the NFL. You’re worth what the market dictates, and the market for Prescott dictates that he’ll get paid over $30 million. For the Cowboys, he’s worth the money.

And that’s why when it’s all said and done, Dak Prescott will get paid. Go argue with your pillow over if he’s worth it.

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