Ezekiel Elliott Holdout

Why the Cowboys Should Trade Zeke Now

As we are all aware the Cowboys RB Zeke Elliott is still in Cabo holding out for a new contract, despite having two years left on his rookie deal.

Zeke is looking to be the highest-paid RB in the game, he deserves to get that, he has been excellent on the field. He has also attracted plenty of attention off the field.

He missed six games in 2017 for alleged domestic violence against his partner. He wasn’t charged by police but was suspended by the NFL. That same year, he pulled down a women’s top at a St. Patrick Day parade.

In the 2019 off-season, a video was shown on TMZ of Zeke getting into a small altercation with a guard at a music festival in Dallas. He was not suspended on this occasion but had a good talking too by the Commissioner Goodell.

With everything the Cowboys have down for Zeke on and off the field, it’s disappointing to see him sitting out still with two years left on his contract.

I am not a trade expert or owner in any way, but if I was Jerry Jones, I would be trading Zeke right now. I know the Cowboys are in the mix for the Superbowl this year and without Zeke that probably won’t happen. They also need to pay QB Dak Prescott and WR Amari Cooper in the coming weeks as well. Anyone else notice those guys turned up to work and are doing their jobs. Seems like a good thing to me, they are the guy you want to pay. Professionals.

Let’s just entertain this for a minute, if you traded Zeke you would want a 1st and a 3rd, maybe more. The Cowboys could use Alfred Morris and Tony Pollard as good tandem this season and see if they are any good together. If not, you would have 2 first-round picks in 2020 and that class for the RBs is sexy as hell.

If you were to trade him, look at someone like the Bills or Dolphins. Teams we don’t play all the time and team who are desperate for some talent. Zeke has made his bed and he has to lie in it. You don’t want to turn up training camp or preseason, trade that man Jerry.

The Cowboys need guys who want to play for the Cowboys. Zeke is being a sook for no reason. He has a bright future in Dallas and will be well looked after, but if I was Jerry Jones, I’d be trading that guy now.



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