Cowboys On Top of NFC East Standings

Cowboys Sit On Top of NFC East Standings

As Cowboys sit on top of the NFC East, is it theirs to lose?

Yes, yes, I know we are only two weeks into a 16-game season, but all the signs point to the Cowboys being the front runner in the NFC East.

Before the season began, most pundits had put a line through the Giants. Any team who has one good player isn’t going to make an impact this season. The future is bright for the Giants, but not in 2019.

The Redskins are a mixed bag. They have some talent on both sides of the ball and pushed the Eagles all the way in week one. They had their moments against the Cowboys in week two but failed to convert at pivotal times.

We can all but put a line through them as well.

The Eagles were predicted to be the best team in the NFC and go all the way in 2019. They have been average to poor to start the season and look nothing like a competent team.

They struggled early against the Redskins in week one and failed to capitalize late in the game with the Falcons over the weekend.

Injuries to WRs Alshon Jeffrey and DeSean Jackson, TE Dallas Goedert, RB Corey Clement, and DT Tim Jernigan make for horrible reading for the Eagles faithful.

QB Carson Wentz underwent concussion protocol against the Falcons but returned to action in the 2nd half.

Things are not looking promising for a team which cannot seem to find their feet in two winnable games. Yes, I know they are 1-1, but it’s how they played in those games that is the problem. They lacked composure, failed to complete easy tasks and seem to be their own worst enemy.

With games coming up against the Lions, Packers, Jets, and Vikings the Eagles need to be on their game if they are to have any momentum going into the week seven clash with the Cowboys.

A lot needs to change for the Eagles to be relevant in 2019.

Now we turn our attention to the team making all the headlines. The team who breezed passed both their opponents in the opening weeks. The team who starts the season 2-0 and looks like they are building to something incredible. That’s right, Americas Team.

The Dak Prescott led Cowboys are the toast of the NFL right now. With Keelan Moore as the OC, this team is looking flashy and electric as they roll through the competition. Zeke Elliott was clearly working out in Cabo and the O-line is looking as solid as ever.

The Cowboys have always had a solid defense, but this season there has been an incredible resurgence in the offense, thanks mostly to new OC Moore.

He brings with him a breath of fresh air. A new sense of swagger that the Cowboys have lacked in recent years.

In the coming weeks, the Cowboys face the tanking Dolphins, the Drew Brees-less Saints, the Packers, and the Mono Jets. If they don’t have at least a 5-1 or better record by the time they play the Eagles at home in week seven, there will be blood.

This team is hot right now and needs to make hay while the sun is shining.

Big things are coming in Dallas. Look out world.

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