Tuesday With Jerry Jones 11/29/19

Tuesday’s With Jerry Jones

It’s a Tuesday during the NFL season, and you know what that means for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans, we get to listen to Owner/General Manager Jerry Jones talk about his team with 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. You never know what will come out of Jerry’s mouth when he gets behind a microphone and we capture some of the fun for you.

Here are the highlights from Tuesday’s with Jerry, after starting the season 2-0.

On if the offense has shifted to a passing team: “Passing game looks different, it reminds me of the years with Michael Irvin, if they stack it up to slow him down, and that’s what they’re doing with Zeke, then we’ll throw it downfield. We’ve got a lot of options downfield and in the RedZone, …we’re doing some different things, crossing routes and picks, legal ones.”

Jerry Speak: This reminds me of the offenses when I was winning Super Bowls, that’s how good I feel about it.

Reality: The results are feeling the same, but it doesn’t feel anything like 1990’s offense. That was a run-first offense that pounded Emmitt Smith. This offense is throwing the ball more and throwing often on running downs, things that didn’t happen back in the day.

Is Jones as excited about the offense now as he was when Tony Romo burst onto the scene: ‘I learned so much when Romo was here, we should’ve been in a Super Bowl or two…this does remind me of those years, throwing the ball down the field.”

Jerry Speak: We messed up by not winning more with Romo, I won’t make that mistake with Dak’s teams.

Reality: The Cowboys didn’t put enough help around Rony and they have learned about building the team since then.

New rule on challenging (pass interference): “Getting it right has become problematic, it’s fraught with angle issues…cameras don’t tell the whole story. Other infractions that aren’t included provides evidence that it’s about the players on the field. There is judgment here, we have to live with the judgment of the officials.”

Jerry Speak: The new rule allowing us to challenge is dumb, I’d rather just play without it and live with the consequences.

Reality: The ability to challenge pass interference hasn’t gone the way many thought it would, they aren’t changing many calls. It’s a subjective call, which should keep those types of calls on the field instead of in the replay booth.

On Michael Gallup’s play and injury: “Not a surprise he’s played at the level he’s at…he’s young, he could have a short recovery, he’ll be back out there soon.”

Jerry Speak: He better get back in a hurry, I’ll give a bonus if he does!

Reality: Jones made it sound like Gallup could be on the shorter end of the 2-4 week timeline.

Is Robert Quinn coming back this week: “Yes, and am I excited to get him. He’s as high a character a guy as I’ve been around.”

Jerry Speak: The NFL should have not suspended him on such a bogus case.

Reality: Quinn’s suspension did go against all reason, but that’s the NFL these days.

On what’s gone wrong with Taco Charlton: “Coach Tom Landry said you gotta give these guys three years. Everybody’s aware that expectations from being a first-round pick. The fact is, he’s got a lot of three things going for him. He’s got length, a guy from the outside can be effective for you, he doesn’t have the position flexibility…Taco can step out there and play winning football for us, I’m not dismissing him.

Jerry Speak: I’m going to talk up the player because I can’t get any trade value out of him if I say he stinks.

Reality: If the Cowboys wants to trade Charlton, he needs to be healthy.

When pressed that the team isn’t playing him because they are trying to trade him? “No, that’s not right, we need him out there like yesterday.”

Jerry Speak: He’s not good enough to play, otherwise he’d be out there.

Reality: Charlton isn’t good enough to play.

On contract negotiations being fun: “It’s little like the game itself…I loved playing baseball, kids go out and play catch or hit grounders. You never hear them say, let’s put the pads on and knock the sh*t out of each other. That’s not the game you do for fun. Yet, when you do it right, it’s the greatest feeling you could ever have, that’s playing football. Contracts are like that, I wouldn’t call it fun…it can be rewarding if it works good.”

Jerry Speak: I love the rewarding feeling of beating agents in contract negotiations.

Reality: Jones would rather pay his players at his price, but that is rarely how it works, so it’s not fun for him to shell out big money. It’s rewarding when the team wins because of the players I sign.

On being one player away: “Those guys are Supermen, (if they were out there) I would be after them.”

Jerry Speak: If we were one guy away, I would go get him.

Reality: Believe Jerry here, that’s the truth and he would overrule anyone who disagreed.

On Xavier Woods’ ankle injury being serious: “You had the injury right until you said serious, we’ll evaluate as we go…only the guy upstairs would know (on when he can come back).”

Jerry Speak: I don’t want to put a time frame on when he’ll return, I’ll be the one to tell you how serious an injury is, not someone outside the organization.

Reality: If it’s a high ankle sprain for Woods, he’ll be out for the 4-6 week time frame being reported. That’s got nothing to do with anything except medical expertise.

*Please note, not all quotes are exact, but the words come straight from Jerry Jones

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