cowboys rout eagles

The Gloat: Cowboys Shut Up Pederson, Rout Eagles 37-10

Thank you Doug Pederson.

With the season slipping away, the Dallas Cowboys answered the bell with a 37-10 whooping of the rival Eagles. After three straight duds, the Cowboys turned things around and looked like the team that was a Super Bowl contender after the first few weeks of the season.

This game was just what the doctor ordered for the Cowboys. They were having trouble on offense but they had 402 total yards and brought some of the creativity back. Tavon Austin’s touchdown that opened the scoring, was a beautiful play design and something we hadn’t seen.

Ezekiel Elliott seemed to be struggling, but he ran with authority and ran for an easy 111 yards with a score.

Dak Prescott hadn’t looked like the same guy from earlier in the season, but he turned the switch back on. He completed 78% of his passes, threw for a touchdown and ran for another. Prescott’s night was personified on a perfect pass down the sideline to Amari Cooper for a big third-down conversion. The points on that drive essentially ended the game. It was also another case of the Cowboys utilizing his legs, something they had forgotten about.

It helps that all the weapons were back and the execution was much better. The offense looked nothing like the lackadaisical group that underperformed in the last three weeks.

The Cowboys also finally got the turnovers they had been lacking. Coming into the game, Dallas was the only team in the league who hadn’t begun a drive on the opposing teams’ side of the field. Jaylon Smith made quick work to change that forcing a fumble on the Eagles’ first possession. The defense would turn the Eagles over a total of four times and started four drives on the plus side of the field.

It was an aggressive game plan for the Cowboys that helped them change the direction of the past few weeks. Going for it on fourth down in their own territory, the different blitz look sending Jourdan Lewis, going for the jugular after Xavier Woods’ interception (even though it was picked off), and pressing for points at the end of the first half that led to a 63-yard field goal were all signs of a different mentality than we’ve seen in the last three weeks. Those three points at the end of the first half felt bigger than a normal field goal, they felt like the game was over.

The way the Cowboys played tonight makes you wonder what happened to this team in the last three weeks. It’s what drives you crazy with these Cowboys; after last week’s loss, you just had a feeling this effort was coming against the Eagles.

Maybe the Cowboys need coaches to guarantee wins every week! Pederson wrote a check his team couldn’t cash; Dallas stole their lunch money and had a feast with the loot.

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