Aaron Jones runs through Jaylon Smith

The Vent: Cowboys Embarrassed By Packers In 34-24 Loss

Don’t let the final score fool you, the Dallas Cowboys were embarrassed in the 34-24 loss to the Green Bay Packers. As good as the team looked in their first three wins on the season, the team has done a complete 360, culminating in the shellacking they took at home today.

It was pathetic almost from the start. Dak Prescott had the Cowboys on the move with little resistance, but an Amari Cooper drop turned into an interception that led to seven Packers points.

It was a sign of things to come.

From that point on, the Cowboys were out of sync. Prescott wasn’t sharp for most of the game, there were drops, penalties, missed field goals and the offensive line couldn’t hold up their end of the bargain. Without Tyron Smith, the unit crumbled, allowing sacks. Heck, even Jason Garrett got a penalty flag thrown on him for the way he threw a challenge flag.

The Cowboys had NINE possessions inside Packers territory and came away with just 24 points. When you have 563 yards of total offense, yet still lose the game handily, you know it was a bad day at the office. Having 11 penalties and three interceptions won’t win you many games.

It was an awful day. And that was just on offense.

Defensively, Rod Marinelli and Kris Richard’s group was no better, they got bullied. Aaron Jones ran all over the Cowboys, he had 107 rushing yards and four touchdowns. The Packers took advantage of an overaggressive defensive line, running right through vacated areas and defenders missed numerous tackles when in position to limit the damage.

It was also a game where Dallas’ best defensive players would like to burn the film. Leighton Vander Esch was horrendous, Byron Jones wasn’t much better and Sean Lee looked old and slow.

You aren’t going to win too many games when your best players, on both sides of the ball, play so poorly.

This loss should be put on everyone; the coaches didn’t seem to have the team prepared and the players’ performance was subpar. It was a game where the Cowboys desperately needed to show things have changed, to show that they have turned a corner. Instead, it was the same old Cowboys, who don’t look like a team good enough to make a serious run towards a Super Bowl. That talk should disappear quickly after the last two weeks.

If you were waiting to see how this Cowboys team would respond to last week’s lackluster performance, it wasn’t a good answer. The team got punked at home and it was embarrassing to watch.

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