Tuesday With Jerry Jones 11/29/19

Tuesday With Jerry Jones | 22nd October 2019

What Does Jerry Jones Have To Say This Tuesday?

Find out what’s new in Jerry Jones’ world on “Tuesday with Jerry Jones”. It’s a Tuesday during the NFL season, and you know what that means for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans, we get to listen to Owner/General Manager Jerry Jones talk about his team with 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. You never know what will come out of Jerry’s mouth when he gets behind a microphone and we capture some of the fun for you.

Here are the highlights from Tuesday with Jerry Jones, after a huge win over the Eagles:

How good did the win feel? “Really think for me, it was the energy, energy is it. Caught it early and used it, we can build toward the future.”

Jerry Speak: I like it when the Johnny Blue kicks in!

Reality: There was some extra juice for the Cowboys against the Eagles.

Why can’t they play like that every week? “Of course (we’d like to play like that every week), gotta get these turnovers. We have a defense that flies around and we took advantage of the turnovers.”

Jerry Speak: We should be playing like this every week.

Reality: It’s difficult to play that well every week, they need to continue to create turnovers if they want to win more games.

Did he hear the criticism? “Yeah, I think it (energize the team). (Doug) Pederson’s comment was appropriate for locker room fodder. As I well know, you gotta watch out as to what sticks…I have been criticized as an owner of the Cowboys and it motivates me.”

Jerry Speak: I made sure the team knew what Pederson said and asked them to whip the Eagles’ butt because of it.

Reality: The team can say whatever they want, it surely felt like they played possessed to shut up Pederson.

On being creative offensively: “We have the ability to mix it up every week, or game to game if needed”

Jerry Speak: We have a lot of plays I haven’t seen before, I liked to be surprised at least once a week.

Reality: It feels like the Cowboys have all the tricks in the bag, but selectively take them out, more so when their back are against the wall. They should stay creative and aggression at all times.

Happy that Jason Garrett’s off the hot seat? “Yes I am, he’s focused, thick skinned and we saw what he does best (last week).”

Jerry Speak: I don’t have the time to be searching for another head coach, I’m hoping that seat stays real cold.

Reality: Garrett does some of his best work when things are crashing in around him.

Is it important to get along with his coach? “It is important to have a good relationship.” Then unprompted, continued: “Is it important to have a yes man? I think it’s more important to NOT have a yes man. Jason Garrett is not a yes man. Is he respectful of the order of things, of course.”

Jerry Speak: I’m the boss and he Garrett knows it.

Reality: Garrett never been a ‘yes man’ or a puppet. Thinking anything else is ludicrous.

On Urban Meyer’s comments about the Cowboys being a premiere organization and the head coaching spot being a sought after position? “For Meyer to say that is a compliment, period. I know that the job is a great job…If you like to go to the center stage, our organization allows that opportunity. Not surprised he had that opinion.”

Jerry Speak: The Dallas Cowboys are the biggest sports franchise in the world!

Reality: The Cowboys’ head coach is a premier job in the football world and Urban Meyer should keep his trap shut about it while another coach still holds the position.

What did he think of NBC’s Mt. Rushmore of the Cowboys? “I don’t have a Rushmore, for me we would need half the Rockies, I couldn’t do four. But the names they had up there deserved it for lifting the franchise.”

Jerry Speak: I would have just one face on that mountain, mine!

Reality: It’s a difficult task to find four people in the organization that everyone can agree upon for Cowboys’ Mt. Rushmore, the organization has that much history.

Is there pressure to sign Amari Cooper? “Proud to have him, he’s been impactful four our team…I have no reason to think Amari won’t finish his career as a Dallas Cowboys.”

Jerry Speak: We will re-sign Cooper.

Reality: They will re-sign Cooper.

On if the Cowboys’ record is what we thought it would be at the bye week? “I’d like to be ahead of where we are, we lost a couple of close ones but I like that we won our last one. We’re relatively healthy…I like the team, don’t wanna look at the daunting task ahead.”

Jerry Speak: I want to bask in the crushing defeat of the Eagles a little longer.

Reality: The Cowboys should have a better record at this point and the final nine games will be a difficult road. Be thankful they play in the NFC East, where they might not need to be great to win the division and make the playoffs.

*Please note, not all quotes are exact, but the words come straight from Jerry Jones

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