Cowboys Refused Jamal Adams Trade

Cowboys Refused Jamal Adams Trade |Cowboys Deadline Trade Rumors

Cowboys Smart To Refuse Jets’ Price On Jamal Adams Trade

Jamal Adams Trade Rumors is something we have been hearing for a while. Jamal Adams was the sixth pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, a second-team All-Pro in 2018, and apparently, the New York Jets didn’t want him. The Dallas Cowboys, and their fans, did.

As trade deadline day moved along, the whispers began to materialize into more than just rumors. The Cowboys wanted Adams and all that was left to get a deal done was the compensation it would take to acquire the talented safety, who grew up in Hebron, Texas. If you believe the reports, it would have taken two first-round picks, and more.

As good of a match as it could’ve been, Dallas was smart to not pay that price. The Cowboys were in need of another safety and were searching for a dynamic pairing they haven’t had since Darren Woodson and Roy Williams (the early years). Xavier Woods and Adams would’ve been a special tandem, and would relegate Jeff Heath to a perfect role of third safety.

Why Jamal Adams To Cowboys Didn’t Happen

The trade didn’t happen and it would not have been without its risks. First, let’s set the record straight, Adams is a really good player and the Cowboys would be better with him on the roster. The 24-year old Adams is on his rookie deal and it’s rare that you can find All-Pro level talent at a cheap price. Adams is a better safety than anyone currently on the Cowboys’ roster and is an instant upgrade for the defense.

At a time when the Cowboys continue to push the envelope and go for it while they have the team to do so is a smart philosophy from the organization.

However, as good of a player as Adams is, it would have been too much to pay. The cost to get Adams does not match the production. With just two interceptions, four forced fumbles and 5.5 sacks in his career, he doesn’t qualify as the play maker that fixes much of what ails the Cowboys.

Adams is a great player, but one who is better the closer he plays to the line of scrimmage. He hasn’t shown to be the kind of player who forces enough turnovers to make a difference. If you’re giving up premium draft picks, the player better be an established game breaker to justify the price.

Jamal Adams Trade Review

The Cowboys were right to inquire and work towards a trade and Adams would’ve been an upgrade to the safety position. However, it wasn’t meant to be, yet.

The off-season will come soon enough and let’s see if the two teams try again, with more time to work out a deal.

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