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The Vent: Same Old Cowboys Lose 28-24 To Vikings

Aerosmith once sang it’s the “same old story, same old song, and dance, my friend.” The Dallas Cowboys are the football version of those lyrics; they continue to do the same things that cause them to lose games.

It was the same old story for the Cowboys in their 28-24 loss to the Vikings. For the third time this season, the Cowboys failed to prove they are a team worthy of being taken seriously.

The play calling and slow starts have doomed the team for a few years now, tonight was no different. There was a maddening amount of first-down runs that gained little to no yards, yet here was offensive guru Kellen Moore dialing up another run when the Cowboys got a new set of downs. Despite the offense being wildly successful throwing the ball, the play-calling continued to bang their heads into a wall with a running play on first down.

If it weren’t for the heroics of quarterback Dak Prescott, the Cowboys might not have been in the game at all. Prescott got the team out of second and third and longs all night, but he couldn’t complete his masterpiece. Prescott’s 397 yards and three scores will seem hollow after he failed to deliver on the final drive.

The quarterback drove the offense down the field and gave them a chance to win the game when two putrid run calls stopped the Cowboys cold. Prescott, or the coaching staff, has to take the blame on the silly sequence that took away Dallas’ opportunity to steal the win. Either the coaches need to trust its quarterback to make throws, or Prescott needs to be able to audible out of said dumb play calls.

We might not know what the answer is, but we do know this, the play calling was terrible all night, and it was amplified by the horrendous decisions to run on second and third down late in the game.

It’s the same pathetic pay calling everyone knows hasn’t worked in the past few years. Yet here were you’re Cowboys defying common sense, again.

Let’s not pin it all on the offense, though. The defense couldn’t get off the damn field, allowing 8-14 third conversions. There were too many missed tackles and the Vikings bullied the Cowboys’ defense, rushing for 153 yards.

It was a game that Sean Lee and Chidobe Awuzie would like to forget. Lee was burned for two touchdowns and Awuzie is still trying to locate the ball.

The Cowboys gave the game away late with their play calling, but they were manhandled on defense.

At some point, you would think the Cowboys would learn. Prescott overcame much of the play calling woes and was almost a hero. However, the two run calls on their next to last drive of the game failed the Cowboys.

Same old story, same old song, and dance for the Dallas Cowboys. Unfortunately, the song’s on repeat.

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